Anonymous asked:

wait what happened at your school??

p0lyamorous answered:

so someone told the school I had crack in my backpack (completely not true) and they searched me and they found a lighter that was dead and a journal that I kept and they flipped out over the lighter and they suspended me for 9 days, but then they read my journal and it talked about battling depression and addiction and all 7 people in the office went around the room reading it in front of me and they turned to me and said “you really need help, and with your bipolar disorder you write about and the lighter in your backpack, we believe you’re a threat to our school, therefore we’re setting up an expulsion hearing.”



wow what the fuck. “we’re gonna expel you because you have a medically recognized mental illness” fucking sue the shit out of them or something

Mexican girl in Arizona potentially going to get expelled for being bipolar. Spread the word because this is some serious bullshit. It is definitely illegal to deny an American citizen the right to an education due to a health problem.

Update on my case:
They’re referencing incidents of columbine high school shootings. The school officers said that both shooters of Columbine suffered depression. They said that since symptoms of bipolar disorder include depression, and that I was caught on campus with a lighter and had a drug overdose a few months earlier, that I am an “extreme danger” to the school. Most likely I’m getting expelled from the entire district although I’m a straight A, honors student.